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Creating a Church Development Plan for Gouray:  June 2018 Update

On April 21 we held our Vision Day with a very good attendance from the congregation and wonderfully facilitated by Paul Kahn.

Following the Vision Day, Jeff and the Church Committee worked with all the findings of the day (the Post-It notes and the Flip-Chart Sheets) to produce a Church Development Plan.  This was presented to the AGM on May 23rd.


                     The Church Development Plan is set out below.


The Church Development Plan:  2018 – 2020


1) Growing Deeper:   Build up the Church Family 

  1. Establish a regular Home Group for Bible study, fellowship and prayer.

  2. Create more opportunities to grow together and invite friends e.g. men’s breakfasts/curry nights, church family fun days, harvest supper.

  3. Equip people in the Church Family with confidence to share their faith.

2) Growing Wider:    Engage with the Wider Community

  1. Develop more ways to be good news to our community, e.g. through involvement in local events, organisations and to our own neighbours                                

  2. Launch an annual memorial service for those who have been bereaved and re-launch a service for the boating community in Gorey Harbour 

  3. Create leaflets for hotels etc and improve signage to the church from the Village

3) Growing Younger:   Provide youth ministry for 11-16s

  1. Plan an exciting and engaging group for our young people when they grow out of Sunday School

  2. Help them to connect with faith building activities on the Island provided for young people

  3. Create opportunities for young people to be involved in worship, decision making and ministry.

Rev Jeff Wattley                                                                                 June 2018

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