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View from the Vicarage! Jeff's Jottings.

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

I am excited about the opportunity for us to review together our plans and priorities for the next three years as we create a Church Development Plan for St Martin de Gouray. This will involve plenty of listening to one another and of course listening to God as we discern his priorities for us and our mission to share the love of God with the community we serve.

I'll be launching this at the services on Sunday 11th February when the congregation will be invited to complete a simple questionnaire so we have good accurate information about the make up of our congregation. We'll also be carrying out research to get a clear picture of the demographics of the District of Gouray which our Church was created to serve just over 100 years ago.

Then in March we'll complete a more in depth questionnaire about the things that matter most to us as we plan our priorities for the future.

One thing that we're pressing on with right now is to see if we can support our 13-16 year old's by creating a group for them to call their own. It will start off called 'Get a Life' but it may morph into something else when the members begin to make it their own, Heidi Gallaher and I would really value for prayers for this fledgling group.

As this blog is a new departure (for me at least) do please comment and let me know if you're reading it.

Today is Shrove Tuesday: time for Pancakes and to set aside time from tomorrow to start reading the Lent Book, The Way of the Desert by Andrew Watson. Give me a call if you have not yet collected your copy. 853255.

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