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Vision Day 21st April

I am encouraging all members of Gouray Church to come and help shape the vision for the Church for the next 3 years at our Vision Day on Saturday 21st April. We will meet from 9.30am to 2.00pm in Church next Saturday.  An early lunch together is included * before the final summing up session.  We will review together the findings of : i)  the recent questionnaires that many of you have completed, ii) our research into the profile and needs of the wider community that surrounds the Church,  iii) the results of people's prayers and discernment about what the Lord may be saying to us  iv) and of course the personal experience and wisdom of our very special congregation which you bring on the day.

For families with younger children, I appreciate that it will be difficult for both parents to attend but I would urge you to try to enable one of you to come.  Children are such a precious part of the Gouray Church family and we want to ensure that they are properly represented.   The day will be facilitated by Paul Kahn, a member of the leadership team in my previous church and a senior leader in the aerospace industry.  He and his wife Sarah are coming specially that weekend (at their own expense!) to help us with our Vision Day.

Paul Kahn will facilitate the Vision Day

Just to re-assure you, I anticipate a day that will be engaging, prayerful, exciting and significant and I am confident you will be glad to have invested the time.  Most of all we want you to bring your experience of being part of this amazing congregation, but also your thoughts on how we can better fulfil our call to be good news to our community.  You don't even have to say anything if you don't want to. Just being there and listening to one another and to God is important.   We will gather all the findings and thoughts from the Vision Day and a small group will then draw together a Church Development Plan setting out the main things we aim to achieve over the next three years.  This will be presented at the AGM (which has been scheduled for May 23rd).

* We need to know numbers in advance for catering and planning so please email to let us know you are coming and if you have special dietary requirements.  Please also let me know if you are unable to come. Many thanks and God bless


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